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Festival Sound

Our arsenal of festival sound systems are tailored specifically to withstand the harsh environments of outdoor shows and festivals. 


Professional audio systems have always been one of our core competencies.  In fact it's been a downright obsession.  We have been blessed with many opportunities to provide larger scale audio for everything from large festivals to small undergrounds and renegades.   We can provide our own gear as rentals or help you engineer a system of your own that can withstand some of the harshest environments on the planet, from the rain forrest mud of the pacific northwest, to the alkali dust of Black Rock City, Nevada, we have you covered.  Our systems are robust and efficient and can be designed to produce massive sound on a mysteriously small power budget using efficient speaker designs coupled with the appropriate amplifiers and signal processors.

In early September 2013, we took the above pictured sound system to Burning man for our clients at Love Nation. For 8 days, 24 hours a day, this massively efficient system pumped out psytrance. Not a single failure in one of the harshest environments on the planet. The system was designed to be hardened to the alkali properties of the gypsum dust of the Black Rock City playa floor. Additionally, the super efficient Klipsch speakers mated with the high capacitance Crown K series Balanced Current Amplifiers meant that this whole 50,000 watt peak output power sound system could operate on a small 4500 watt generator, allowing the capacitors to store enough energy for each and every bass hit. This system delivered up to 130 dBC below 80 Hz at 20 meters and consistently delivered 125 dBC at 200 feet. It could be heard several miles away at the trash fence which is the outermost border of the festival.

The vintage Klipsch cabinets have been refitted with the latest comparable drivers from Eminence, JBL, and McCauley for maximum efficiency and amazing sound quality.  These "sleepers" have been compared in output and quality to some o the latest gear by Funktion One and Turbosound by seasoned well known EDM DJ's who remain astonished at how little power it takes to run our systems by comparison to the latest and greatest from other vendors.

 (right) We also provided sound for the UNAVERZ art car.  This was a very special project.  The rewards for working on an art car are purely magical.  To get to see the world of Burning Man from atop a 2 story rolling party barge brings a whole new level of meaning to the community.  We feel honored and privileged to have been  a part of the UNAVERZ project.

Let us provide one of our super efficient systems to your next event, or we can custom design a system of your own!

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